IRSAK & PARTNERS has been involved in a number of international transactions and projects, including the following:

  • a legal due diligence performed for local subsidiary of the world largest soft drink producer;
  • a legal due diligence performed in connection with acquisition of local largest producer of glass packages;
  • a legal due diligence, advisory and preparation of acquisition documents in favor of an Polish-American capital fund for environmental investments with respect to a Venture Capital Transaction;
  • legal representation of the local subsidiary of one of the largest U.S. based telecommunication services provider;
  • advising and representing a U.S. provider of global satellite telephone network services;
  • legal representation of of French provider of audio telecom services;
  • legal representation of local subsidiary of world's leading company in the area of medical electronic equipment;
  • legal representation of the local subsidiary of the largest and world famous Italian tire producer;
  • legal representation of Czech subsidiary of Italian producer of white technics equipment;
  • representing a venture capital fund funded by the U.S. Congress;
  • representing the largest local sparkling wine producer;
  • legal representation of an international, in Austria seated, wood processing and wholesale company;
  • legal advisory and representation of an Italian shoe producing company;
  • legal representation of the largest local telecom company before Anti-monopoly Office of Slovak Republic;
  • legal advisory and local representative before customs offices of the world‘s most famous producer of tobacco products;
  • legal representation of the world leading chocolate and food producing companies before Anti-monopoly Office;
  • legal advisory and representation of German producer of electric motors
  • Governmental Feasibility Study key expert for legislation and regulatory environment, within the EU Funding feasibility study on broadband internet accessibility in rural areas realized within Operational Program Information of Society, Priority Axes 3 (OPIS PO 3)