IRSAK & PARTNERS provides its clients with the full range of legal and related services regularly required by international business clients.

Due to language skills of law firm’s members, due to present EU regulation of legal services provision and due to its own co-operating lawyers network, it can provide legal services to clients from any part of the world in Slovak Republic, in Europe or in USA. The practice of our firm is focused mostly on legal matters in the following areas:

corporate law, business law, contract law
foreign investments and acquisitions
  • initial acquisitions procedures, such as due diligence procedures, acquisition negotiations, drafting investment and partnership contracts,
  • establishing special purpose vehicle companies, getting all kind of licenses for the particular business, provision of outside counsels as company directors and managers,
  • coprorate governance of the company or joint venture after setting up the structures and rules
  • hiring employees and stuff in accordance with local regulations, including all kinds of work contracts, incentive plans, etc.
  • exit from investment in regular way typical for financial and strategic investor (based on tag-along, drag-along, sale of the company, ect.
joint ventures structures in general, with special know-how in
  • venture capital structures
  • risk capital structures
telecom law and IT law
  • including general telecom services licensing, satellite telecom services licensing, networking and broadband legislation, regulation, licensing and legal structure setup
Immigration services and residency permit proceedings
Setting up of companies, branches, trade licenses and related