The establisher of the law firm IRSAK & PARTNERS is JUDr. Stanislav Irsák, Doctor of Law and attorney at law.

JUDr. Stanislav Irsák is a member of the Slovak Bar Association as fully licensed attorney and former Member of Presidium of Slovak Bar Association. Mr. Irsák is also a member of Czech Bar Association as fully licensed attorneY.

He works mostly in the area of foreign investments and acquisitions, joint ventures and risk capital structures, corporate law, corporate governance, business contracts, IT and telecommunications law.

He has got language proficiency in English and German, however also speaks French and Russian.

Mr. Irsák has received his law degree from the Comenius University School of Law in Bratislava. In 1991 and 1992 he participated in working study in Austria, practicing both in English and in German languages.

Mr. Irsák received his certificate of German language in Goethe Institut Vienna in 1991.

In 1995 he participated in legal practice organized by German Institute for International Legal Relationships,

Deutscher Anwaltsverein and Deutsche Rechtsanwaltskammer in Bonn and he practiced in the law firm Helmke & Partner, Hamburg, Germany.

In December 2002 he participated in workshop on American legal system organized by John Marshall Law School, Chicago, USA.

In 2008 Mr. Irsak received his Doctor of Law degree at Jan Jesenius Law School, Slovakia.

After his graduation of law school Mr. Irsák in 1994 he initially worked as junior lawyer and later was leading his own law firm as managing partner in law firms focused exclusively on provision of services to international clients.